Current Activities

There are several design projects going on at our Department for design, of which some are:
  • TOYO TIRE SERBIA Japan - Inđija - Complex for production of tires. A=140.000 m2. Design and Permitting.
  • "DELHAIZE SERBIA" d.o.o. - Nova Pazova - Distribution center – 3rd phase. A=4.650 m2. Design and Permitting.
  • „CTP Kappa“ d.o.o. Beograd - Kragujevac - Production building with administration and acompanying buildings. A=29.600 m2. Design and Permitting.
  • "AGROMARKET" d.o.o. Kragujevac - Pirot - Reconstruction of warehouse and change of use into retail park. A=12.450 m2. Design, Permitting and Supervision.
  • "TIGAR TYRES" Srbija "MICHELIN" Francuska - Pirot - Triathlon – Extention and reconstruction of production hall TC-2. A=4.400 m2. Design.
  • "BROSE" d.o.o. Beograd-Vračar, Nemačka - Pančevo - Production complex with auxiliary buildings. A=63.340 m2. Design and Permitting.
  • City of Subotica - Subotica - City stadium – reconstruction and addition. A=47.300 m2. Structural design.
  • "PVF TRADERS“ d.o.o. Beograd - Šimanovci - Business facility with storage. A=7.400 m2. Design, Permitting and Supervision.
  • MPC - Shopping centre BEO - Beograd - Design for execution - Interior design of public spaces in shopping centre BEO. A=18.100 m2. Design and Designer supervision.
  • "BOYSEN ABGASSYSTEME“ d.o.o. Germany - Subotica - Production plant with administrative building and accompanying buildings and infrastructure. A=42.450 m2. Design, Permitting and supervision.
  • CTP BETA d.o.o. Beograd Holland - Nova Pazova - Business and storage facility – Phase 1. A=26.000 m2. Design.
  • MIND REALESTATE d.o.o. - Kragujevac - Industrial complex „MI GROUP“, Administrative building with internal roads, accompanying infrastructure and landscaping. A=11.000 m2. Design, Permitting and supervision.